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Daoben Hua

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Daoben Hua, PhD

Professor, School of Radiological and Interdisciplinary Sciences (RAD–X), Soochow University


Tel: 86-512-658883261, Fax: 86-512-65883261

E-mail: dbhua_lab@suda.edu.cn

Education Background:

PhD in Chemistry, University of Science & Technology of China, China, 2005

BSc in Chemistry, Nankai University, China, 1996

Professional Experience:

2012---:     Professor, School of Radiological and Interdisciplinary Sciences (RAD–X), Soochow UniversityChina.

2006---2011: Associate Professor, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Soochow UniversityChina.
2010---2011: Research Fellow, Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, USA.
1996---2001: Research Fellow, R&D center, Sinopec Co., China.

Research Interests:

Environmental radiochemistry, radiation synthesis and polymeric particles, and natural polymers and bio-macromolecules.

Recent Publications:

1. Zhou, Y.; Hua, S.; Yu, J.; Dong, P.; Liu, F.*; and Hua D.*, A Strategy for Effective Radioprotection by Chitosan-Based Long-Circulating Nanocarrier. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015, 3, 2931-2934.

2. Qian, J.; Zhang, S.; Zhou, Y.; Dong P.; Hua, D.*, Synthesis of Surface Ion-Imprinted Magnetic Microspheres by Locating Polymerization for Rapid and Selective Separation of Uranium (VI). RSC Advances 2015, 5, 4153-4161.

3. Shu, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Huang, L.; Wang, S.; Hua, D.*, Determination of trace uranyl ion by Thermoresponsive porphyrin–terminated polymeric sensor. Talanta 2015, 131, 198-204.

4. Zhang, S.; Shu, X.; Zhou, Y.; Huang, L.; Hua, D.*, Highly Efficient Removal of Uranium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions using Poly(acrylic acid)-Functionalized Microspheres. Chemical Engineering Journal 2014, 253, 55-62.

5.  Wei, Y. Q.; Huang, W.; Zhou, Y.; Zhang, S.; Hua, D. B.*; Zhu, X. L., Modification of chitosan with carboxyl-functionalized ionic liquid for anion adsorption. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2013, 62, 365-369.

6.  Wang, Y. J.; Huang, W.; Huang, L.; Zhang, S.; Hua, D. B.*; Zhu, X. L., Synthesis of walnut-like polystyrene particles using a "giant" surfactant and its superhydrophobic property. Polymer Chemistry 2013, 4, 2255-2259.

7.  Huang, W.; Wang, Y. J.; Zhang, S.; Huang, L.; Hua, D. B.*; Zhu, X. L., A Facile Approach for Controlled Modification of Chitosan under gamma-Ray Irradiation for Drug Delivery. Macromolecules 2013, 46, 814-818.

8.  Hua, D. B.; Kuang, L. J.; Liang, H. J.*, Self-Directed Reconstitution of Proteorhodopsin with Amphiphilic Block Copolymers Induces the Formation of Hierarchically Ordered Proteopolymer Membrane Arrays. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011,133, 2354-2357.

9.  Hua, D. B.*; Jiang, J. L.; Kuang, L. J.; Jiang, J.; Zheng, W.; Liang, H. J.*, Smart Chitosan-Based Stimuli-Responsive Nanocarriers for the Controlled Delivery of Hydrophobic Pharmaceuticals. Macromolecules 2011, 44, 1298-1302.

Contact Information

School for Radiological and Interdisciplinary Sciences (RAD–X)
School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Medical College
199 Ren'ai Road, Suzhou 215123, China
Tel & FAx: +86(512)6588-3261  

E-mail: dbhua_lab@suda.edu.cn

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