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伍维思研究员给大家做了题为“Molecular Imaging as a Powerful Tool”的精彩学术报告,他用生动的语言和形象的动画给大家展示了分子影像探针在医药领域的广泛应用。他的报告引起了师生的强烈兴趣,大家就报告内容及下一步合作展开了热烈的讨论。




PhD, Bio-organic/ Radio Chemistry, 1987, State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA

BSc, Chemistry,1982, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

MOLECULAR BIOMEDICAL IMAGING EXPERT with extensive PET/SPECT molecularbiomedical imaging / biomarker research experience. Founding member ofworldwide pharmaceutical industry’s first R&D imaging team and a member ofMRL Key R&D Awards Club. Broad spectrum expertise spans radiochemistry,biomarker, innovative imaging study design and project co-ordination, dataanalyses and interpretation. Accomplishments include worldwide / US drugregulatory submissions, 14 patents / applications, 45 refereed publications,and 57 presentations / abstracts. Proven track record of devising elegantsolutions for biomarker R&D and molecular biomedical imaging forpersonalized medicine.

Principal Consultant (Biomedical Imaging / Chemistry),CRD COMMERCE, LLC, 2009 – Current

Provided scientific / business advices to clients(including Metronics, GE, Lilly, Eisai, ABT, academics and NIH), concerningradiochemistry/biomarker R&D and applications of biomedical imaging forpharmaceutical / medical research. Initiated innovative research directions,drafted / reviewed clients’ proposals, and designed / co-ordinatedmultidisciplinary programs for clients’ pre-clinical / clinical pharmaceutical/ medical R&D.

VP for Research / Intellectual Property Management,EVERNU TECHNOLOGY, 2009 – Current

Provided scientific / business expertise, initiatedinnovative research directions, drafted proposals (for federal grants andoutside contracts / funding), served as Co-PI and managed federally fundedR&D projects; managed company’s intellectual properties as a Registered USPatent Agent.