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Tom K. Hei

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Tom K. Hei, Ph.D. (黑國)

Chair Professor, School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Soochow University, Suzhou, China            

Other academic appointments:

Professor and Vice-Chairman of Radiation Oncology, Columbia University Medical Center,

Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, and

Associate Director, Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University Medical Center

Chair Professor and Ph.D. Mentor, School of Public Heath, Soochow University 2007-

Special Appointed Professor and Ph.D. Mentor, CAS, Hefei Institute of Material Sciences

Educational Background

B.Sc., in Biology, summa cum laude, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1977

Ph.D., in Experimental Pathology, Case Western Reserve University,1983

Research Program

1) Elucidating the basic mechanisms of radiation carcinogenesis

2) Pathogenesis and mechanism of fiber and arsenic carcinogenesis

3) Role of oxidative damage and mitochondrial disease

4) Radiation induced non-targeted response and low dose radiation risk assessment

Course work and teaching/mentoring responsibility

1) Radiobiology to Radiation Oncology residents, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Fall Semester, every academic yearsince 1987

2) Introductory radiation biology lectures to Sophomore class of the School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Columbia University.  Fall Semester, every academic year 1992-2007

3) Participating faculty in “SystemicToxicology”, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Uni. Fall Semester every academic year since 1996 -

4) Participating faculty in “Molecular Toxicology” Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University. Spring Semester since 2009-

5) Research mentor for residentsin radiation oncology  

Top Five Most cited Publications

Zhou,H.N., Randers-Pehrson, G., Waldren, C.A., Vannais, D., Hall, E.J. and Hei,T.K., Induction of a bystander mutagenic effect of alpha particles in mammaliancells. PNAS 97:2099-2104, 2000. Cited 516 times

Wu,L.J., Randers-Pehrson, G., Waldren, C.A., Geard,C.R., Yu, Z.Y., and Hei, T.K., Targeted cytoplasmic irradiation by alphaparticles induces gene mutations. PNAS 96: 4959-4964,1999.  Cited 510 times

Liu,S.X., Athar, M., Lippai, I., Waldren, C.A., and Hei,T.K., Induction of oxyradicals by arsenic: implications for mechanisms ofgenotoxicity.  PNAS 98:1643-1648, 2001.  Cited 563 times  [  Most cited articles now ]  

Hei,T.K., Liu, S.X., and Waldren, C.A.,Mutagenicity of arsenic in mammalian cells: Role of reactive oxygen species. PNAS 95:8103-8107, 1998.  Cited 430 times

Hei,T.K., Wu. L.J., Liu, S.X., Vannais, D., Waldren, C.A., and Randers-Pehrson, G.,Mutagenic effects of a single and an exact number of alpha particles inmammalian cells. PNAS 94: 3765-3770, 1997. Cited 272 times

Recent representative publications

Ivanov,VN, Wu J and Hei TK (2017) Regulation of human  glioblastoma cell death by combined treatement of cannabidol, gamma-irradiation and small moleule inhibitors of cell signaling pathways. Oncotarget,  doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.18240. [Epub ahead of print]

Wu, J, Zhang B, Wuu, YR, Davidson MM, Hei TK (2017) Targeted cytoplasmic irradiation and autophagy. Mutation Research, doi: 10.1016/j.mrfmmm.2017.02.004. [Epub ahead of print]

Wu J, Zhang Q, Wuu YR, Zou S and Hei TK (2017) Cytoplasmic irradiation induces metabolic shifts in human small airway epithelial cells via activation of Pim-1 Kinase. Radiation Res. 187:441-453.

Liao W, Hei TK and Cheng SK (2017) Radiation induced dermatitis is mediated by IL-17 expressing γδ T cells. Radiation Res. 187:454-464.

Gong X, Duan Y, Zheng J, Wang Y, Wang G, Norgren S and Hei TK (2016). Nephroprotective effects of N-acetylcysteine amide against contrast-induced nephropathy through upregulating thioredoxin-1, inhibiting ASK/p38MAPK pathway, and suppressing oxidative stress and apoptosis in rats. Oxidative Med. Cell Longevity 8715185.

Jiang N, Chen M, Yang G, Xiang L, He L, Hei TK, Chotkowski G, Ding L, Zhou Y and Mao JJ (2016) Hematopoietic stem cells in neural crest derived bone marrow. Scientific Reports, Dec 21, 6:36411.

Gong X, Ivanov VN and Hei TK (2016) Tetramethylpyrazine down regulated arsenic induced heme oxygenase I and ARS2 expression by inhibiting Nrf2, NFkB,AP-1 and MAPK pathways in human proximal tubular cells. Arch. Toxicology 90:2187-200.

Hei TK (2016) Response of biological systems to low doses of ionizing radiation. Health Physics 110: 281-282.

Bao L, Ma, J, Chen G, Hou J, Hei TK, Han W(2016) Role of heme oxygenase I in low dose radioadaptive response. Redox Biol. 8:333-340.

Fang Z, Xu A, Wu L, Hei TK and Hong M (2016) The role of protein kinase C alpha translocation in radiation-induced bystander effects. Scientific Reports  May 11; 6:25817.

Liu Y,  Wang X, Wang J, Nie Y, Du H, Dai H, Wang J, Chen S, Hei TK, Deng Z, Wu L and Xu A (2016) Graphene oxide attenuates the cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of PCB52 via activation of genuine autophagy. Environ. Sci. Tech. 50:3154-3164.

Pei H, Zhang J, Nie J, Ding N, Hu W, Hua J. Hirayama R, Furusawa Y, Liu C, Li B, Hei TK and Zhou G (2016) RAC2-P38 MAPK-dependent NADPH oxidase activity is associated with resistance of quiescent cells to ionizing radiation. Cell Cycle  16:113-122.

Honors,Awards, Recognitions and Outstanding Achievements:

Dean'sList for Academic Excellence, University of Wisconsin, 1974, 1975,1976

Summa Cum Laude, University of Wisconsin Board ofRegents, 1977

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Award, 1979

Graduate Research Award, Case Western Reserve University,1981

Junior Investigator Award, Chemical Modifiers of Cancer Treatment, Banff, Canada,1983;

       Clearwater,FL. 1985; Paris, France, 1988.

Biological Research Support Grant, Columbia University, 1985, 1989

Research Award, American College of Radiology, 1993.

Keynote Speaker, 2ndNational Meeting on Biological Effects of Ion Beam, Chinese Acad. Sc., 1993

American Cancer Society Institutional Seed Funding, 1995, 1997

Invited Faculty-1998 Oxygen Society Meeting, Washington D.C.

Visiting Professorship, Environmental Pathology Training Program at Brown University,1999

Keynote Speaker, 7thInternational Symposium on Fiber Toxicology, Maastricht, Netherlands,1999

Keynote Speaker, 9th National Radon Meeting, Las Vegas, NE., 1999

Distinguished Cancer CenterLecturer, University of Kentucky, 2000

Chairman, program committee,International Symposium on Bystander Effects, Urumqui, China,2002

Keynote Speaker,Annual meeting on the American Association of Radon Scientists, Reno, NV., 2002

Keynote Speaker,John Little Symposium, Harvard University, 2003.

Rudbeck Lecturer, University of Uppsala, 2004

Keynote Speaker, 8thChinese Biophysics Society Meeting, Kunming, China, 2005

Keynote Speaker,American Statistical Society annual meeting, Asilomar, CA., 2006.

Visiting Professorship, University of Iowa, 2006

Chairman of Subcommittee on Space Radiation Health Effects, Committee on Space Research, 2008-

Achievement Award, Organization of Chinese Americans, 2008

Distinguished Visiting Professor, National Institute of Radiological Sci, Japan,2008- present

Roentgen Lecturer,NY Academy Sciences, 2010.

Co-chairman,International Conference on Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, Beijing, 2010

Co-chairman,First Global Congress of Chinese Radiological Scientists, Xian, 2011

President-Elect,Radiation Research Society, 2011-

Educator of the Year, Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology, 2011

President, Radiation Research Society, 2012-2013

Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 2017

Honorary Doctorate Degree, Amity University, India, 2017

Member of Oversea Expert Panel, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012-

Member, NIH sitevisit panel, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001.

Member and Chairman,NIH-Special Emphasis Panel, 1997-

Member, Chemical Pathology Study Section, 1998- 2001

Member, Ad hoc review panel, Cancer Etiology Study Section, 1998-

Member,NIH intramural site review board, 2001-

     Member,Overseas Expert, Chinese Academy of Sciences,2012-

Other Professional Activities:

Journal Reviewer:    Carcinogenesis Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences, U.S.A.

                                International Journal of Radiation Biology, British Journal of Cancer

                                Cancer Research, American Journal of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology

                                International Journal of Radiation Oncology.Biology.Physics

                                American Journal of Pathology, Radiation Research, Free Radical Biology & Medicine

                                Science, Oncogene, Chemical ResearchToxicology,

                                Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, Mutation Research


Associate Editor:   Journal of Radiation Research, 2004-    

Guest Editor:  Advances in Space Research Volume 22 (12), 1999

              Advancesin Space Research Volume  27 (2),2001

              Advancesin Space Research Volume 31 (6), 2003

              Advancesin Space Research Volume 35 (2), 2005

              Advancesin Space Research Volume 37 (2), 2007

Editor:               Advances in Space Research, Life Sciences,2008-

Editor-in-Chief   Life Sciences in Space Research, 2014-

Consultant:    IARC expert committee on fiber carcinogenesis, 1996

                     SpecialScience Programs of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1998-  

                     NCI-P01 grant to Dr.Kathy Held, Massachusetts General Hospital, 2004- 2009

                     EPA committee to evaluate carcinogenicity of non-asbestiform fibers, 2008-

                     Institute of Medicine Committee on NIOSH Research Roadmap,

                           National Academy of Sciences, 2008-

                     EPA Scientific AdvisoryPanel, 2011-

                     NIEHS Superfund grant University of West Virginia 2012-    


Others:   Member of the Columbia University Cancer Biology Training Grant, 1994-  

              Member of the Columbia Comprehensive Cancer Center,1992-

              Member, Departmental Promotion Committee, 1994

              Member and Chair, Executive committee on program project research, 2005-

              Director: Cancer Research Core, NIHS Centeron Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan,


              Departmental Radiation Safety Officer,1988-                                                        

              Departmental Environmental Health and Safety Officer- 1989-                                                                                                                                                                                                        

              Vice Chairman, Commission on Radiation Environment, Biology and Health of the

                  International Commission on Space Research, 2004-  

              Chairman, Commission onRadiation Environment, Biology and Health of the

                  International Commission onSpace Research, 2008-            

              Member, Dean’s Search Committee for the Chair of Radiology, 2008

              Member, Dean’s Tenure Promotion Committee, 2010-

              Member, RSNA Task Force on Cancer Biology/ Radiation Biology, 2011-

              Member, Integrated Life SciencesTask Force, European Space Agency, 2011

               Member,Provost’s Committee on Minority and Junior Faculty grant, 2013-

Contact information:  

              Phone: 01-212-305-8462

               Fax:      01-212-305-6850

               Email:   tkh1@columbia.edu

               Laboratory website:   http://www.mailman.columbia.edu/our-faculty/profile?uni=tkh1